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Mackenzie Card, CMT

Meet Mackenzie Card, the hands behind the massage.

Mackenzie hails from Chattanooga, TN where she was

born in 1987. She is outgoing and loves spending time

with family and friends. Her favorite pastime is relaxing at the pool or beach.

In 2007, Mackenzie earned her CNA (certified nurse's assistant) certificate/license scoring a 98 of a possible 100 on her state board exams. She enjoyed an 8 year career in geriatric care and formed very strong bonds with those she cared for.

In 2015, Mackenzie relocated to California. She decided she wanted to have more of a healing and wellness role in people's lives. Mackenzie attended and graduated from Fair Oaks Massage Institute and is now a CMT (certified massage therapist) in the state of California.

While at Fair Oaks Massage Institute, Mackenzie acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to blend and administer essential oils. It was one of her favorite parts of the course. So, when she was offered the opportunity to be a Doterra Wellness Advocate, she enthusiastically accepted.

Mackenzie's classmates often requested she use them as her practice subjects, stating that she had the ability to get much deeper into the soft tissue then others in her class. This lead Mackenzie to specialize in deep tissue techniques.

We are individuals with our own specific needs. Whether you  have acute or chronic pain, want to relax and be pampered, or you receive regular massage therapy as part of your personal wellness plan, Mackenzie would welcome the opportunity to work with you in charting your own unique path to wellness.

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